Workshop on "Intense Laser and Beam Plasma Interactions"
in Honor of Professor Chan Joshi's 60th Birthday

Workshop and banquet, UCLA De Neve Plaza, July 19-20, 2013

This event will bring together former students, collaborators, and close colleagues of Chan's to reflect on how the field of intense laser and beam plasma interactions, including plasma based acceleration and the nonlinear optics of plasmas, has evolved in 30+ years and to discuss ideas for how to sustain this exciting field well into this century.

Plasma Accelerator Group/Laser-Plasma Interactions

The Plasma-Accelerator Group at UCLA continues to have a very strong program on the many possible roles that plasmas might play in future high-energy accelerators. These include:

  • Ultra-high gradient plasma accelerating structures
  • Plasmas for focusing/deflecting ultra-relativistic particle beams
  • Novel radiation sources based on beam-plasma techniques
  • Novel techniques for generating positrons using plasmas

The research program comprises of experiments, theory and supporting computer simulations.

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Chandrashekhar Joshi

Professor Chandrashekhar Joshi's Plasma Accelerator Group is world renowned for developing the multidisciplinary field of laser and electron beam-driven plasma accelerators over the past three decades. From fundamental research, Plasma Accelerators has now evolved into an engineering subfield. Joshi's UCLA group was the first to conclusively demonstrate the acceleration of electrons thousands of time more rapidly using relativistically propagating plasma waves than using conventional accelerators.

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