DAWSON 2 Cluster

The Plasma Simulation Group has been awarded a Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Award from the National Science Foundation for $1.78M to build a cluster based on general purpose graphical processing units. This cluster called DAWSON 2 is dedicated to the study of plasma-based acceleration, inertial fusion energy, and high energy density plasma science.

DAWSON 2 consists of 96 HP L390 nodes each with 12  Intel X5650 CPUs  and 48 Gbytes of RAM, and 3 Nvidia M2070s GPUs and 18 Gbytes of Global Memory (for a total of 1152 CPUs and 288 GPUs) connected via a non-blocking QDR Infiniband network with 160TB of parallel storage from Panasas. The system's peak performance is approximately 300TF/150TF (Single/Double Precision) and it has a measured linpack performance of 68.1TF (Double Precision).

DAWSON 2 is housed within the UCLA Institute for Digital Research Engineering data center and it will also help advance research and education in broad and diverse areas of Computational Science at UCLA.

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